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Johnny's Entertainment Cosplay

Where the gay boys are actually straight girls

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<< Johnny's Entertainment Cosplay 
Where the gay boys are actually straight girls, but not all of them are girls, since some of them are boys, and not all the girls are straight, cuz some of them are bi...

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a Johnny's cosplay to insert his or her own
profile into our database.)

# About:

When cosplayers and JE fangirls crosses over... this is what happens.

# Def:

JE: Johnny's Entertainment. #1 bishounen factory in the world. End of story.

Cosplay: Costume Play.  A popular subculture that involves dressing up most oftenly as an anime character (but sometimes j-rock / j-pop / video game characters as well) and going to conventions, taking pictures, producing crack. You dress up in a costume and you play. Cosplay... DAAAA! \ ^o^ /

# Rules:

1) Absolutely no PORN (stuff that are NC-17). No exceptions. Instant bannage. Thanx.

2) Must be JE or JE related cosplay (eg, Antique cos, DDR with Mario commercial cos)

3) Please put large amount of images under an lj-cut. It's there for a reason. Use it. A preview pic outside of cut is ok though.

4) Play nice, or kick. If you have a grudge against cosplay, why are you here?

5) Cosplay discussion about JE related cosplay is allowed. We don't want news about a certain JE group or wallpaper / icon posting (unless it has cosplay in it). There are a lot of LJ comms you can do that in. Gatherings and convention reviews involving JE cosplay is not only ok, but highly encouraged.

6) If you found good cosplay on someone else's site, please DO NOT direct link the pictures. Please give the site's URL, and if you have directions on how to navigate the site, please include that in the post since not all of us could read Japanese or Chinese. If it's your own site, heck, spam/direct link all you want ;P~

# FAQ:

Who can join?

- Anyone who is interested in joining, can join. ^_^ No cosplay flamers though, you're not welcome :<

Is there any rules to posting pix?

- To keep the community organized, please state the JE group or individual in the tags. Last name frist, first name last. (eg. News, KAT-TUN, Matsumoto Jun). Also, in the subject line, please state the name of the JE group or Individual and the name of the convention/location the shoot took place (eg. Kanjani 8 @ TFT, Tackey & Tsubasa @ AX, KAT-TUN @ Santa Monica Beach).

Could I advertise my cosplay site?

- Only if it has JE cosplay in it. We will also link your cosplay site on our main page, but you must be a member of this community.

Could I recruit people for a cosplay group here?

- Sure. Why the hell not?

Yaoi / shounen-ai / slash pix?

- Sure. Why the hell not (as long as it doesn't violates rule 1)? It's JE, good luck finding girls.


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